The Perfect Gifts for your Baby-Havin’ Friends!

So, I wanted to share a few great ideas that I have seen online for newborn gifts. Everyone wants to be that one person, or one couple, that brings a badass baby gift to your friends in the hospital. Having a baby is a milestone! And what better way to celebrate that milestone than these gifts. Obviously, one of the gifts is available at Spunky Stork, but hey… we never said we were against self-promotion!

Fill-out your own Hospital Newborn Onesie$30
This adorable, organic onesie has easy-to-write-on spaces for the baby’s birth name, birthdate, time, weight, and hospital. This is craaazy soft and comes with your choice of a black, blue, or pink Sharpie. Yeah!
(available at














Christmas Argyle Baby Diaper Cover & Matching Tie – $23
Just in time for the holidays, your baby boy would look ridiculously stylish in this getup. I mean, how can any mom not LOVE this! Plus, it’s handmade. Gotta love Etsy!
(available at Seams2u on Etsy)

Christmas Argyle Baby Tie and Diaper Cover Set - Perfect for Christmas Photos

New Baby Wine Boxes – $45
We have a baby! Let’s drink! This gift is so cute and seemingly customizable (with your ability to pick a “boy” or girl” wine box) for new parents. Not that anyone is gonna run to the nearest bar right after poppin’ out a baby, but I have seen wine and champagne bottles in the delivery room! True story.
(available at

Playsam Pink Stroller – $62
Unique, modern and über sleek, this mini 2.25″ x 4″ pink stroller by Playsam is a wonderful and interesting gift to give new parents. Made with wood and non-toxic materials, it’s a great little trinket to add to the hospital nightstand, and to transfer to the home once baby leaves the hospital.
(available at arte bebe)
(available in BLUE at All Modern)
Playsam Pink Stroller (SALE $62, 1 left!)

Cate and Levi Giraffe Hand Puppet – $30
Hand puppets are making a comeback! This is a great, easy toy to bring to the hospital. Made with organic material, this soft toy won’t be harsh to touch the newborn baby with, and the bright, vibrant colors are fantastic for new eyes.
(available at

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