“WHAT?!?!” This was my exuberant response after seeing the final edits from the Spunky Stork’s new promotional model, Harper Morrison’s photoshoot.

organic baby clothes

Photographer, Stacy Jacobsen (who lives in Washington) was able to get some phenomenal shots of little Harper, and also managed to perfectly and effortlessly (okay, it looks effortless) capture the quirky and fun essence of our line.

organic baby clothes

If you want a great photographer, check her out! I live in NYC and she was able to work with me remotely from here. Amazing. Not to forget Harper and her wonderful mommy, Amanda, who were such troopers and unbelievably easy to work with.

To learn more about Stacy, visit her website Stacy Jacobsen Photography.

To check out that little nugget of cuteness visit Stacy’s blog entry featuring Harper and the Spunky Stork.

Harper is now accepting baby model gigs and can be contacted through her agent at HarpersHappenings.com.

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