What’s all the hoopla about organic clothing? What’s the big deal? Our parents didn’t have organic clothing when they grew up. We didn’t have organic clothing when we were growing up, right?




Actually, clothing was technically considered organic until the 1920’s. Before they started overusing pesticides and chemicals to treat our textiles, farmers used natural and toxin-free methods to care for their land and soil. Things sure have changed…


Did you know that 8,000 different kinds of chemicals can go into the making of one t-shirt? Just one!


At the Spunky Stork, we care about customers… our real customers: babies and kids. Babies have immune systems that are not fully developed, making them more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Clothing them in apparel that is riddled with chemicals compromises their overall health.


And let’s not forget the farmers and laborers who are working in those highly polluted conditions. Many cotton pickers from developing countries suffer from illnesses directly related to the chemicals they are exposed to. Health conditions such as respiratory issues, skin irritations and eye infections are very common.


That’s why we love spreading the word about organic cotton. We want to get back to the place when things were good and wholesome (we can dream!).