10 Baby-Safe Holiday Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for your children or you’re on the hunt for a perfect gift for your grandchild, niece, or nephew, you want to get holiday gifts that they’ll enjoy and that are safe and eco-friendly. There are more options than ever that will check off all your boxes and give you the peace of mind that you’re looking for.

We are obsessed with baby items that are both cute and safe for the planet. Take a look at our top ten favorite baby-safe holiday gifts!

1. Transitional Play Gym

It’s the ultimate gym. On top of having multiple play stations with various colors, textures, and toys for your little one to explore, this is a play gym that can transition along with your baby. Fold in certain sections until they’re ready; you can even turn it into a teepee once they’re old enough! 

The best part? It’s made with sustainably sourced wood and baby-safe materials, so it’s a play gym you can feel good about.

2. Fine Motor Plan Toys

A critical aspect of development that your child should be focusing on is their fine motor skills. This is where they use the small muscles in their hands and wrists. This will be incredibly important as they grow older and go to school, and starting young is a great way to go.

Plan Toys are safe and sustainable, and they are geared toward helping your baby develop these important fine motor skills.

3. Sustainable Baby Clothing

Baby clothes that you can feel good about! This can be a tricky thing to find, which is why we’ve made it a priority to make all of our baby clothing out of 100% organic cotton. Everything from onesies and t-shirts to sibling sets to Mommy and Me sets, all of our products are made with organic cotton. They’re perfect for babies with sensitive skin, and they’re sure to give you peace of mind.

4. The Right High Chair

As your baby grows, you’ll quickly find that a good high chair is going to be a must. Whether you’re spoon feeding purees or they’re learning to self feed, a high chair is going to make mealtime significantly easier.

This Lalo high chair is the perfect baby-safe high chair option. It’s made completely with non-toxic materials, and it has a five-point harness, so your baby is guaranteed to stay safe during mealtime.

5. Organic Crib Sheets

Cute, comfortable, and baby-safe crib sheets? We’re all about it! Organic crib sheets will last longer and they’re an incredibly safe sleeping option for your baby, and if there’s any place where you want to guarantee safety for your baby, it’s while they’re sleeping.

6. Eco-Friendly Baby Moccasins

Get your baby a variety of eco-friendly shoes that you can mix and match with their different outfits! These adorable baby moccasins from Freshly Picked are durable and long-lasting, they come in a ton of different colors and prints and themes (can you say Harry Potter?), and they’re made with natural leather. 

7. Safe, Sustainable Swaddle

Babies love to be swaddled up tight when it’s time for a nap or bed, and finding safe and sustainable swaddling blankets is going to make everyone happy. These blankets from Monica and Andy are made with organic cotton, so they will be soft on the baby’s skin while still keeping them warm and cozy.

This is a holiday gift that will serve babies for months, making this one of our favorite go-to’s!

8. Natural Baby Lotion

Keep the baby's skin smooth and healthy with the right baby lotion. This natural baby lotion from Earth Mama Organics is made with organic herbs and oils, this is a baby lotion that you can feel good about. And it will truly get the job done! With other baby lotions, you have to keep reapplying to get the effect you want. With this natural baby lotion, you don’t have to apply nearly as much. It’s a total win!

9. Safe Cause and Effect Toy

Looking for good, educational toys for your baby? Cause and effect toys are a great way to stimulate their minds and keep them curious. Tag Toys has an awesome ball track that is the perfect cause and effect toy. It’s large enough for standing babies, and it uses softballs, where this style of toy usually has harder balls that could cause accidents. 

On top of that, it’s made with safe materials, making this a purchase that you won’t have to worry about. Safe for babies, safe for the environment. We love to see it!

10. Silicone Breast Milk Storage Solution

The perfect gift for both mom and baby, these silicone breast milk storage bags are the perfect, eco-friendly way to store breast\milk. Say goodbye to disposable plastic breast milk storage bags. These silicone bags will keep your breast milk safe, whether in the freezer or fridge and can be used over and over again. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to reduce the amount of plastic you’re using, this is the perfect option. Almost all of your breastmilk storage options end up being plastic, making this a unique item that will quickly prove its worth.

So there you have it! Finding baby-safe, eco-friendly baby items can feel challenging, but as time goes on and we focus more on preserving our beautiful planet, you’ll find that there are more and more options available. Find the perfect gift that a baby can enjoy while still opting for something that will keep everyone safe and happy for years to come.