About Us


My name is Aliya. His name is Uzzi. Together we are the Spunky Stork. I love to cook vegan meals, and Uzzi loves woodworking in his spare time. Being partners in marriage and business is sometimes challenging, but we make it work!


A little bit about us: we are crazy about our customers, obsessed with hand-drawn illustrations, head over heels for typography, and dead set on delivering the best quality apparel + gifts to each person that makes a purchase from us. We are also equally passionate about developing clean, organic, and non-toxic products.


A little bit about the company: Since 2009, we choose to source only 100% certified organic cotton material because we believe in the future of sustainable commerce, and we also really care about our end users: babies & kids. Your little ones have immune systems that are not fully developed, making them more susceptible to toxins. Nowadays, the apparel industry manufactures their textiles with various amounts of chemicals and dyes, many of which are unknowingly harmful to the consumer. Not ours! Our material doesn't use toxic dyes or chemical colorants.


But let’s not forget about the farmers and laborers who work in highly polluted conditions. Many cotton workers from developing countries suffer from illnesses directly related to the chemicals they are exposed to. By using the highest quality 100% certified organic cotton, we are adhering to the industry’s highest standards, throughout the entire textile supply chain. Clean working conditions. Clean clothes.


Organic cotton and sustainable farming is so important to us, but so is creating clothing that makes people smile. It’s why every one of our items comes with our glee guarantee. And every single time we send out your baby shower gifts, birth reveal outfits, pregnancy announcement rompers, newborn hospital photoshoot clothes, birthday tees, mommy and me matching sets, daddy and me shirts, and everything else in between... we feel honored to be part of your family’s memories.