10 Back to School Outfits Your Child Needs

Start the school year off right by getting your kid wardrobe essentials that are not only adorable but that they’ll be excited to wear and show off to their new friends. A tee that reflects your child’s personality makes them feel confident and is a great conversation starter.

As much as we want to keep our little ones little, don’t be the parent that sends them off in a little sailor suit with a matching hat. Don’t worry, they’ll look so super cute in these fun, colorful tops that will also make them feel cool. 

Hello! I’ve Arrived

For instance, go space-themed friendly with a Greetings Earthlings shirt. Whether you choose the background in Thunder or Pistachio, the alien ship stands out in a major way. We’re also very pleased with the fun font. 

Pair with jeans or some cargo shorts. Kids love pockets. Well, we all love pockets, but children have more treasures they find along the way in daily life, so they need more than the rest of us. Just cross your fingers that frogs and other friends don’t find a new home in some of the roomier compartments.

Another fun greeting shirt is the Hey Y’all, because you can’t be too friendly when it comes to your peers.

Or choose a top that’s like wearing a nametag, but one you can actually read and doesn’t fall off just when you need it the most. The Custom Crayons is not only fun and vibrant, but it helps your child’s teacher learn their name.

Hobbies and Fan Favorites

For your budding paleontologist, check out this punny dino top. I think it’s a rule that kids just like dinosaurs, and wearing one is an instant conversation starter. Do you like dinosaurs? So do I! 

Just make sure junior’s ready to answer the standard question--which one is your favorite? I’m partial to a brontosaurus myself but love the little arms on this T-Rex. Let the world know your kid is “Rawr-dy for School.” 

Pair with these Converse Dino Sneakers, and your kid is ready for the classroom and the playground. 

If your child is happiest out in nature and helping Mom and Dad in the garden, check out this cute-as-can-be Plant Magic shirt.  Available in vibrant or neutral colors, your child will love this soft and pretty top.

Great with just about anything, but I can’t help picturing it with olive green pants with plenty of pockets for your little naturalist. Cute sandals sound great, too, but most schools require a close-toed shoe to keep your child’s feet safe when playing--so keep that in mind.

If your child loves to color and dreams of being an artist, let them participate in the creation of their new tee. This Coloring Shirt is a fun time they get to wear. 

For extra fun, use the fabric markers to let them add some of their favorite doodles to a light-colored pair of jeans. A one of a kind original from your one-of-a-kind kid. Just make sure to take away the markers when the project is over and hide them well.

Loving School

Build up the excitement for their education with a School is Cool shirt, an alphabet-centric Elemeno top, or one that lets everyone know School Rules. Don’t let the homeschooled kids feel left out with a Home S’Cool top. We’ve got to make sure everyone is covered!

For that first day, whether your child is starting the year at home, going charter, or heading to a public school system, document the milestone and take lots of pictures with this My First Day tee. Love the No. 2 pencil!


So many choices. Which one is your favorite? Ask the kids, take a vote, and let us know in the comments.

Wishing your children the best year ever!