10 Christmas Outfit Ideas For Kids

It’s time to deck the halls and pull out the holiday treats, Christmas is coming and we are ready for it!

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season? Planning out the cute outfits for the kids. There’s nothing better. Except maybe a batch of chocolate peppermint cookies. But other than that, nothing better.

Take a look at our top ten favorite Christmas outfit ideas for kids!

1. Snow Inspiration

Whether you’re living in a Winter Wonderland or it’s something you’re only dreaming of, snow is basically synonymous with winter, and it’s any easy inspiration for your kid’s Christmas outfits.

Our snow babe tee is a great way to go (it could be a comfy base layer for playtime!), or perhaps our Let It Snow tee!

2. Candy Cane Stripes

Come on. What’s more classic than some red and white stripes at Christmastime? Your kids are as sweet as candy (right?), so get them all dressed up to really look the part in some candy cane stripes!

There are a couple of different ways you can do this. Get your little girl one of those adorable dresses with – debatably too many – ruffles, get some cozy long sleeve shirts, or you could even do a cute little striped apron for your little ones to wear for all that Christmas baking you have planned out!

3. Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

If you want something timeless, plaid is a great direction to take. As soon as November 1st hits, you’re going to basically be bombarded with plaid clothing options. Dresses, bow ties, those cute little boy vests that make you tear up because they’re just so dang cute, pajama bottoms, button ups, you name it, it’s an option.

Now keep in mind that there’s a ton of plaid this time of year. Probably too much. So focus on Christmas colors when choosing your kids outfits. Plaid items with red, green, cream, even gold and silver are going to be awesome.

4. Bring On The Ugly Sweaters

Ugly sweaters are making a comeback in a major way, and there are tons of options for kids that they will love. In fact, there are some that even feature cartoon characters, like The Grinch and Baby Yoda and Mickey. It’s an easy hit.

5. Oh Christmas Tree

Use that tree as inspiration for their outfits! Our Get Lit tee is sure to get some laughs out of your relatives at your next family gathering, and the Tree Chart tee and Farm-Fresh Trees tee are fan favorites that your little ones can wear all month long.

6. Santa and His Elves

Let’s play dress up! Pretend play is fantastic, and Christmas is the perfect time to dress up like Santa and his elves. This is a fun way to go, whether it’s a full-on costume or just some themed pajamas (not to mention it’s incredibly cozy!) 

7. Christmas Floral

This is an especially fun idea for the little girls! Using Christmas flowers and florals as inspiration, like holly leaves, mistletoe, poinsettias, and really any Christmas greenery is going to make for an adorable Christmas outfit. This Christmas floral dress is a personal favorite!

8. Santa Baby

Santa is an essential for Christmas time! We love to see him and using him as a starting point for your kid’s holiday outfits is sure to be totally adorable. (Also, can we talk about when you get to consistently remind your kids that he can see them when they’re being naughty. That’s a plus.)

Our Santa Baby tee is a huge winner!

9. Perfect Christmas Fabrics

There are some fabrics that, when worn the right way, just scream Christmas. A little faux fur vest, maybe a cable knit sweater, a cute velvet dress...they all are wonderful for the holidays. Mix and match some of these fabrics for a fun, standout outfit! (Not to mention a little fur and a touch of velvet is going to make your little girl feel so, so fancy, and who doesn’t love a little girl who feels fancy?)

10. Matching Family Shirts

And last but not least, some matching family shirts are always a fun way to go for Christmas outfits! Whether it’s this cute Naughty and Nice Duo tee set for the kiddos or some Monochrome Family tees for everyone in the house, this will make for the perfect Christmas morning photo.

On top of that, we can even do custom holiday tees so that you can make your Christmas outfit ideas a reality!

Trust us when we say that you have so many options to choose from when it comes to choosing Christmas outfits for your kids. Find something that you love and get your camera ready to capture some sweet holiday memories!