15 Incredibly Cute Mommy & Me Shirts

Who doesn’t love matching their littles? Mommy and me outfits are some of the cutest and most fun things to wear! They can be especially fun for holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mom’s birthday, or just for fun. 

The first thing to consider is if you just want to match one child or multiple. Some sets lend themselves better to one baby rather than matching three babies. Another consideration is your and the baby's style. Do you like bright colors, long sleeves, printed designs, etc? Lastly, keep in mind that most shirts will work year-round, but some are better for certain holidays or special events than others. Is it a big deal if you’re wearing Valentine’s Day-style shirt in April? Not if it’s NBD to you! 

No matter what your special occasion is, there are plenty of matching mommy and me shirts to go around. Check out our list of some of the best and cutest mommy and me sets around!

1. Wonderful World

This cute Wonderful World t-shirt set features lyrics to a Louis Armstrong classic. The mommy tee says “and I think to myself” and the little’s tee says “what a wonderful world.” This would be a great set for every day or maybe even celebrating Earth Day!

2. Mountain Mama… and Babe

Maybe you are more of a John Denver fan–or just a fan of exploring the mountains. Either way, this cute Mountain Mama set features a “Mountain Mama” tee and a matching “Mountain Babe” shirt. They are sure to take you to (or at least remind you of) “the place [you] belong.”

3. #MomLife

Are you living that messy bun mom life? If so, this mom life/kid life shirt set is perfect for you. It has a fun #MomLife shirt and you can order as many matching #KidLife Shirts as you’d like! This set would be great for a mama with daughters.

4. All you Need is Love

This really cute mommy and me set would be perfect for Valentine’s day! The All You Need is Love set has two pink shirts with hearts and the iconic song lyrics featured across the front. 

5. Easy Peasy 

The Easy Peasy set will be your new summer mommy and me go to! The shirts are unisex and they feature a cute lemon that says “easy peasy” playing off of the fun “easy peasy lemon squeezy” line that everyone loves!

6. Mama and Mini (Sweat)shirts

So, these are sweatshirts, not tees, but they are so cute that they deserve a mention. These Mama and Mini sweatshirts are crewneck and red. On mom’s sweater, it says “mama” and on baby’s sweater it says “mini.” It would be adorable year-round, but it is especially cute for Valentine’s Day since it also has little hearts.

7. I Made a Wish

Becoming a mom can be a long and painful road full of wishes, dreams, and hopes. This I made a wish set, encapsulates that. The mama shirt says “I made a wish…” with a wishing flower, and the baby’s onesie says “I came true.” This would be a beautiful set to wear for a newborn photoshoot or to wear every day to remember that wishes do come true!

8. The Original and Remix

You are the original. There’s no doubt about that, and your little baby is your remix! So, tell the world with these matching tees. You can get them in a variety of colors and sizes. So, this set works for boy and girl moms. It simply says “The original” on mom’s shirt and “the remix” on baby’s. This is such a cute way to show the world how proud you are of your mini-me!

9. You are my Sunshine

Do you have a little who is the sunshine in your life? Take a peek at these you are my sunshine matching tees. They are plain white shirts with a little yellow sun peeking out with the words “you are my sunshine.” These would be super cute for spring or summer.

10. Heart on Your Sleeve

This cute matching set does not have words, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? These cute raglan shirts match exactly and have striped sleeves, a solid body color, hearts on the elbows, and they each have a glittery red heart on the front. Mom and baby will be able to match exactly, and these would be great for a mama with a baby girl or boy!

11. Mom Tattoos

Before matching tees, there were tattoo tributes to mom. These matching tees are a tribute to those tattoos, and they are a lot less permanent! They proudly feature a big bold picture of a heart tattoo that says “mom.” 

12. Making Memories

Are you a fan of matching vacation tees? If so, these making memory tees are for you. These are for families that love to do Disney vacations. The shirts feature the ears of a certain famous mouse with the words “making memories together.” These shirts will be perfect for your next vacation photo op!

13. Birthday Kiddos

If it’s your kiddo’s birthday, they might be wanting a shirt to scream it to the world. So, why not try this “I’m the Birthday Princess” shirt for your favorite birthday royal? Mom might want to get in on the fun too with this matching “Mommy of the Birthday Princess” shirt. You will both be celebrating in style while matching.

14. The Prince and Queen

What if you have a little prince in your life, and you do not want them feeling left out? Well, this cute prince and queen set will do the trick! They are white shirts with the words “Mother of a Prince” on one shirt and “Son of a Queen” on the other. So you and your little prince can also match!

15. Include the Whole Family

Mamas love to match their babies but do not leave dad out of the fun. This bear family shirt set has a shirt for everyone including dad! These could be worn every day, but they would be especially cute for a family trip or outdoor activity.

No matter what shirts you pick, they are sure to be super cute–just like you and your littles! One quick thing to remember, though! Make sure as you’re buying to double-check if the shirts come as a set or separately! Some shirts don’t come in a pack so you can more easily buy different size combinations and multiple shirts to match all your kiddos. So, watch for that! You don’t want to end up not being able to match.