3 Kids Clothing Styles for 2021

When it comes to clothes for the new year, we’re seeing a lot of fun and cheerful styles. Let’s face it, 2020 has been kind of a dumpster fire, and we want to focus on some positivity for 2021.

We don’t imagine the clock will strike twelve and boom!, every 2020 problem will disappear. But we have a new year with fresh pages to fill--and we’ve decided we’re going to make them as wonderful as possible.

With that in mind, kids styles are more on the bright side and focus on fun and personality. When going for color, we have some luscious, safe colors to snazz up your child’s wardrobe. 

The vibrant yellow in “Hello Sunshine” or the dreamy blue in our “Clouds” onesies and tees, for instance, is enough to herald brighter days ahead while making your little one look absolutely adorable.

Pair with some cute denim bottoms when going out for walks and errands, and you’re all set.


When you have more than one child, shirts that match are cute. Ones that go together but aren’t an exact match are even cuter. These stylin’ onesies and tops proclaim that your kids go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, pancakes and syrup, or fish and chips.

Children also enjoy wearing art that shows who they are. Big brother or little brother for instance, or in a fun way--the taco and taquito, the big cheese, or the little cheese. 

New Arrivals

When it comes to fashion, children like tops that express their individuality. Check out our new arrivals and see what fun, new tops we’ve designed that capture your child’s personality.

Or, if you have a little Leonardo on your hands, let your child draw their own design. We’ll custom make your child’s creation so they can wear it, and you can wear their masterpiece, too.

We Want You to Be Happy!

Whatever you choose, we want you to love your new pieces. That’s why we have the Glee Guarantee

We’ve also designed all our clothes with the idea of creating the new favorites in your child’s closet.


We hand print all our tops and snap-tee onesies when you order them, made just for you and your kids.


Our organic baby clothes, with matching tops for parents and siblings, express your family’s personality.


For the family that camps together--or cooks, plays football, sails, grills, skis, eats tacos and fishes together, have we got some clever family shirts for you!


You’ll also love that our toddler and baby clothes are certified organic cotton, meaning they’re not treated with bleach or other toxic chemicals, and are printed on organic cotton.


Happy New Year!