5 Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Life is filled with those wonderful little moments: watching the sunset on a beach, enjoying a lovely meal with friends, singing along to your favorite songs on a road trip …. but adding a new member to your family is not one of these.

Expecting a child is a wonderful, HUGE event! Whether you’re adopting or carrying your baby, there’s nothing little about it. Why not make the most of it and celebrate this momentous milestone of life in a way that fits the occasion?

Here are a few ideas on how to announce your good news.

Get Creative with Design

Wish you had the talents of a graphic designer and could make an impressive announcement, movie poster, or video collage? 

Now you can look like you’ve got an eye for design and the mad tech skills to match by using the templates on Canva.com.

It’s easy to upload your own photos to replace theirs and to change the colors to ones that match. 

Created by talented designers, these templates give you the start you need to express your joy with style.

Like Canva says, “You’re first design is going to be amazing.”

Let Your Clothes do the Talking

There are lots of cute ways to let an outfit do the announcing.

Is this new baby not your first? Rope in the big brother or sister to share the big news. Have them don a cute tee with Balloon Letters or our Sunshine design that declares them to be the big bro or sis, and put the matching “little” sibling onesie on Mom’s belly--or just have the parents hold it up. Whatever you think is the cutest! 

Snap plenty of pictures and post the one that makes your heart go, “Awwwwww.”

Everyone will looooooove it.

If this is your first addition to the family, not counting the ones with paws, then check out our Mommy and Me Shirts and Daddy and Me Shirts

Take lots of pictures and show off these funny, punny, super-adorable tops and onesie bodysuits in your photo announcement. 

A Pine Cone Onesie to parents wearing Pine Trees tees? Yes, please! Or pick out the tops that best suit your family’s style and personality. 

You can’t go wrong. They’re all super cute.

Throw a Party

Have a small dinner party that suddenly erupts into confetti or balloons. You can even customize the message printed on your balloon order.

Or for something really original, during dinner have a singing telegram show up and let your parents know they’re going to be grandparents! Pick a song and change the words. Easy peasy. 

Make sure you film your surprise and post it on social media to let your friends know, too.            

Go with the Holiday Spirit                 

Are you making your announcement in the fall? Carve some pumpkins with Mom, Dad, and put a little pumpkin inside a cutout heart in Mom’s. 

Winter? How about letting a snowman family get your point across? Make Mom’s snowman really pregnant and add a festive, light-bordered sign with the due date.

Spring? Eggs, of course!  Baby chicks. Rabbits. Flowers. Take your pick. 

Summer can be any traditional activity like camping, hiking, swimming, etc. Pick what best goes with your family. 

Write in the Sand 

Maybe it’s not the most original, but an announcement sketched out on a beach makes a wonderfully lovely photo.

The parents can be in the background or stand inside a drawn heart. Add a pair of baby shoes to up the cuteness.

In fact, that’s good advice for any of these announcements. Baby shoes make everything cuter. (Peed-on pregnancy sticks get the message across, but they aren’t so cute.)

Have fun! And a huge congratulations from us here at Spunky Stork!