5 Gifts for New Parents: Customized Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are here, and we get it, you want to be the coolest aunt, the favorite uncle or the hippest godparent. Whatever you are, you want to be the best one out there. 

That includes coming up with fun and memorable presents that will knock the socks off the new parents. No generic onesies or boring footed jammies for you. You want something original that will be passed down for generations, but not so original that the item doesn’t actually serve any purpose or is impossible to use. 

That stuffed panda that’s bigger than the newborn’s room? Fun, but way too difficult to find a place for. Trust us, we want it, too. But, no. Back away from the bear.

Instead …


Custom Baby T-Shirts

Check out our custom baby shirts where you get to decide on the final product. Personalize our designs or create your own based on what you know about the family. Or if the kid’s old enough, upload junior’s masterpiece on custom t-shirts that mom and dad can wear with pride.

custom kids shirt

Adorable is always good, especially when it’s printed on 100% organic cotton so it’s safer for your baby’s skin. Their little immune systems need a little extra care, so no toxins in our kidswear is better for your baby and for our world, too.

Speaking of customizable artwork, how about a …


A One-of-a-Kind Stuffed Animal

This company lets you design a stuffed animal, fruit, umbrella, or whatever you want in stuffed form. Like our custom baby onesie graphic tees, you get to decide on the final product. 

You can also roughly duplicate a favorite stuffed animal from mom or dad’s past that is no longer around, winning major nostalgia points. 

You are only limited by your imagination!

There’s also …


Christmas Ornaments

If you celebrate Christmas, one of the best gifts you can give is a new tradition. Something that’s been very popular with my children is buying them a new ornament every year. 

By all means, get the kid that super soaker or a robot with the annoying beeping they love, but also consider buying them their own ornament with their name and the date. Check with the parents and make sure this is okay with them because they might have plans of their own, but if they don’t mind you can buy the initial ornament and maybe even a new one every year. When they’re grown, they’ll have their own treasured collection to take with them when they move out.

To start off, these porcelain booties, a ceramic or carved pacifier, or any baby-centric ornament will do. Do keep in mind that this child will someday be an adult, so don’t go overly precious if you continue on down the years. A shiny train ornament is fine. Too many teddy bears being cutesie may not be a favorite once they’re grown up.

While you’re at it, pick out a personalized family ornament for mom and dad. Now that their family is bigger, celebrate!


A Place to Keep Their Treasures

Kids love the treasures they find. They’ll hoard seashells from a family vacation, the rock they dug up that looks like a diamond, or a note from their best friend. Get them started off right with a treasure chest with their name on it. 

This one looks like a legit pirate’s chest and even has a skull and crossbones, along with the owner’s name. It’s smaller, so it would also make a great bank.

And ...


A Treasure Chest for the Parents

Don’t forget mom and dad. They have all kinds of new treasures to look after. For the parents, this wooden chest can be ordered larger with their child’s name engraved into the wood. They can keep locks of hair, the hospital bracelet, pictures, report cards and other mementos safe inside.

We hope these suggestions helped. Good luck! You’re already the coolest, as far as we’re concerned.