Mommy, Daddy, & Me: Cute Matching Clothes for Kids & Parents

The trend for families to wear matching outfits or similar colors has continued to grow in popularity over the years. And why not? It’s fun, fashionable, and gives the children a feeling of belonging to an important, loving group.

Some families decide on a family motto, like Choose Kindness, Never Give Up, Mistakes Have the Power to Turn You Into Something Better.

These shared words unite the family. According to Thomas Lickona, author of How to Raise Kind Kids, we should “talk about these things in terms of shared goals—it means that you’re all in this together, that these values matter to all of you. You can also think of them as family mission statements. Have your children help come up with the qualities they think should define your family. The words should become a living part of the family.”

In the same way, family hobbies, inside jokes, and regular activities can also help solidify family togetherness and give children a safe space and a position of belonging. Combining the way you and yours choose to spend time together with your family identity is a wonderful way to celebrate your relationships and infuse them with meaning.

According to one source, family outfits can “strengthen your bond” and “pleasant activities, like getting dressed in the same outfit, will help you build enjoyable memories and get you together. There are also plenty of options for dresses with jokes that will bring you closer, as you can all share in the laughter. It is a significant part of strengthening the family dynamic to have fun together doing dumb stuff like dressing up in matching costumes on holiday excursions”

With that in mind, we’ve developed the Big Little section on our website. We have something for every family member.

Baking Together

If you’re the family that stays together because you bake together, then this cute trio of chef shirts is for you. These organic cotton tops proclaim one of you as Head Chef, one as Sous Chef, and there’s even a Taste Tester option—particularly helpful if one of you enjoys eating more than preparing the food.

Not Far From the Tree

They say the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. In this case, it’s matching pine trees and pine cones for these parent/children tops.

Adorable for family reunions, family photos, and general every-day wear. A sleek and chic version of the family tee, no one will be embarrassed to be caught wearing these tops. 

The evergreen has an especially lovely forever meaning for families who want their roots and branches to go on for always.

Food Themes

Nothing is cuter than tops that emphasize the closeness between the grown-ups and the little ones than shirts with a clever turn of phrase and matching pictures.

The Big Cheese and The Little Wedge, The Big Slice and the Little Slice, and just imagine eating tacos with your Taco Shirt on while the kids wear their Taquitos tops! 

Cute for pictures and even more fun for family togetherness.

And that’s just the beginning. Sunshine, song lyrics, and fairy tales—you’ll find something to make you smile. Check out our collection of matching t-shirts and onesies and find something that’s perfect for you and your family.