Spooky Sibling Halloween Outfits for Trick or Treating

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start planning out costumes for your little trick-or-treaters! 

Not only is Halloween incredibly fun for your little one, but there are also tons of benefits that come with participating in the fun. Halloween encourages pretend play for kids. This kind of play helps children to develop their language skills, social and emotional skills, thinking skills, and all while allow their imagination to flourish.

There are few things more adorable than kids in their Halloween costumes, except for maybe kids in matching Halloween costumes! Whether you have kiddos that vary in age or you have some multiples in the mix, planning coordinating sibling Halloween costumes can be so fun. Here are some of our favorite sibling Halloween costumes that are perfect for trick-or-treating this year!


Get your little rascals all dolled up as a pair of bandits on Halloween night. Not only is this costume absolutely adorable, but it’s likely that you already have everything you need to throw it together.

All you need is some black pants, a black and white striped shirt, and a black mask for each of your children. You could take the look to the next level by adding some gloves and perhaps a bag stuffed with newspaper to act as a bag of money that they’ve swiped.

Baby Pumpkins

Pumpkins are basically synonymous with Halloween, so why not use that as inspiration for your baby’s costumes? Our Halloween collection has tons of adorable pumpkin shirts that would make the perfect base for a pumpkin costume. Pair it with a cute set of orange pants and a pumpkin hat and your little pumpkin patch will be ready for an evening of trick-or-treating.

Mary Poppins

Your children are already practically perfect in every way, so dressing them up as characters from Mary Poppins makes sense, right? Your little girl can go out as Mary and your little boy can be Bert. Others could dress as chimney sweeps and penguins to keep the theme going.

The Wizard of Oz

This timeless classic is one of our favorite group costume ideas. It’s an easy way to go because there are so many easily recognizable characters to choose from! 

From Dorothy to Glinda, the Tin Man to the Wicked Witch of the West, there are plenty of characters to choose from so everyone has a costume that they are excited about. And really, how adorable would a baby scarecrow or lion be?!

A Fireman and His Dalmatian

What little boy doesn’t dream of being a fireman at some point in his life? If this is his current obsession, use it to your advantage and plan a sibling Halloween costume around it! Some of the kids can go as firemen and others can go as Dalmatian pups. It’s classic and you will always be happy to look back on photos!

Peter Pan

Let your kids feel like they’re on their way to Neverland by dressing them up as some of the beloved characters from Peter Pan! Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook are fan favorites. You could also throw in Mr. Smee, Tiger Lily, and the crocodile if more costumes are needed to complete the look! 

Bo Peep and Her Sheep  

Dress your little girl up as Bo Peep and let the rest of the brood go as her herd of sheep! She will love the dress and bonnet and just think about all of the adorable pictures you can get. This is a great option if you have one older child and then the younger are multiples, so twins or triplets. 


Halloween is all about imagination and make-believe, and one easy go-to for many kids when playing pretend is to act like they have superpowers. Use this as a starting place for planning out superhero sibling costumes!

Maybe one of your children likes to pretend they can fly. Let them dress up as superman! Perhaps another is obsessed with the Incredible Hulk. Run with that and get them the giant green hands as an accessory for their costume. Or perhaps you want to keep it simple with some solid capes and masks. However you go, superheroes are always a good idea!

Something for the Twins

If you have a set of twin babies, you know there’s nothing cuter than dressing them in matching or coordinating outfits. Halloween is the perfect excuse to find an adorable matching onesie set for the babies. We have tons of cute matching onesie sets for your little ones. Whether it’s milk and cookies or avocado and toast, you’re sure to find the perfect onesies for your babies on Halloween!

Other Things to Consider for Children on Halloween

Keep in mind that there are a handful of things you will want to keep in mind on Halloween night, aside from the costume. Be sure to consider:

  • What time of day will you start trick or treating? When is sunset?
  • What will the temperature be? Will you need to add layers to the costumes?
  • How long can your kids realistically last with trick-or-treating?
  • Talk about Halloween safety with your kids and what they should be aware of.
  • Prepare your children for potentially scary decorations and costumes
  • Plan something for after trick or treating to help relax things a bit. Comfy pajamas and a Halloween movie is a great way to go

Halloween night is such a treasure when you’re able to enjoy it with your children. Make this year extra special by planning out coordinated sibling costumes to add to the fun!